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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Sports: NFL Week Six Wrap-Up 

7-3 SU, 6-4 ATS in Week Six. Not bad.

That brings me, for the year, to:

38-22 SU, 33-26-1 ATS

Once again with baseball I watched very little NFL action. I did see some bits and pieces of the Dallas game during commercial breaks, and save for the Testaverde fumble in the fourth quarter, I'm scratching my head wondering how they lost that game.

Granted my attention to the Boys has lagged so far this season (that will all change in another two weeks, I'm hoping), but I don't think they're playing bad football. They're simply making bad mistakes at the most inopportune times. The season is still early.

Right now I'm still plenty comfortable with picking Indy to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. Minnesota doesn't look like an awful choice either, though they need Randy Moss to heal quickly.


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