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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Texas Football: Spring Jamboree 2007 

Spring Jamboree: Texas vs. Texas
Last Game: Texas 26, Iowa 24; Texas 26, Iowa 24
Last Meeting: 2006 -- Texas won, Texas lost
All-Time Series: tied

Last time Texas played at DKR-Memorial Stadium, they lost. Man, did that game suck.

So what's changed?

Um, Gene Chizik is gone. I think that's a good thing.

Drew Kelson moved back to safety. That's a great thing.

Colt McCoy put on 20 pounds of muscle. That will be a good thing on 4th and 1.

Greg Davis is... still here. Honestly, that's not such a horrible thing.

What else?

The North end zone is gone. That'll be nice in 2008, but it's going to make tickets in 2007 tough to come by.

Robert Joseph, Chykie Brown and Deon Beasley are all a year older, so maybe that means that a secondary that loses the Thorpe Award winner and another first-day NFL draftee might actually be able to stop offenses on 3rd and long.

Jamaal Charles sat out track season to concentrate on football. No word on whether or not it was track that gave him fumble-itis.

Derek Lokey's 2007 season has not yet ended early due to injury.

Neither has Jordan Shipley's.

Vince is still gone.


It's the Spring Game; there is no TWTWB


Things I miss about Texas Football

Wally Pryor.


"Lilijedahl is deep punt."

"Someone get that idiot off the goalposts."

"The University of Texas... Longhorn Band!"

This Week's Game in a Nutshell

Someone will probably run back the kickoff.

We'll all rave about how good (player) looked against the scout defense/offense.

Ishie Oduegwu, Sharrod Harris, and Vondrell McGee will look like All Americans, before finding themselves (unfortunately) lost in the shuffle this Fall. I'm really hoping I'm wrong on any or all of them.

The Greg Brown Memorial Pregame Premonition

John Chiles will get the biggest ovation of the game when he eners a third-down situation to run for three yards from the shotgun.

Personal Anecdote Involving This Week's Opponent

My sophomore year at UT, Spring Game attendees got a glimpse of the newly renovated DKR and a pancake breakfast with flapjacks served up by coach John Mackovic. The pancakes were pretty bad.

Semi-Relevant Quote from the Big Lebowski

"Okay, I'm a Lebowski, you're a Lebowski..."

Relevant, no? What about:

"Lebowski? That's your name, dude!"

Deluded/Rational Thoughts from an Opposing Message Board

Ha! This is where I could make a crack about Hornfans.com. I'll refrain.


Austin's annual Swamp Romp and Crawfish Festival takes place Saturday at the Bullock lot, a mere five or six blocks from the Spring Game at DKR. The 2008 BCS Championship Game takes place in New Orleans, home to crawfish-eating cajuns. Hmmm... presience?

I'd like a Mulligan, please

The last time New Orleans was set to host the title game, my tailgate group staged a crawfish boil for our Spring Jamboree soiree. The football scrimmage took place the day after Texas' Sweet Sixteen victory over UConn and the day before Texas' Elite Eight victory over Michigan State. None of us knew much about Vince Young in those days, and we were all infatuated with the greatness of TJ Ford. We were all convinced that Rick Barnes would win a title before Mack Brown. Yeah, well...

Random Spring Game highlight that I'm posting simply because it's the only one I can find


Prediction: Texas wins, and I eat lots of crawfish and drink lots of beer



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