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Friday, October 15, 2004

Sports: NFL Week Six Predictions 

Same drill as last week. All lines from America's Line.

For the season:
31-19 SU
27-22-1 ATS

(0-5) Miami at (0-4) Buffalo [-6]: Miami's ineptness hurts the Cowboys' 2005 draft status (they own Buffalo's top pick).
Bills 23, Dolphins 13
ATS- Buffalo

(1-4) San Francisco at (4-0) NY Jets [-10]: Imagine Barry Bonds pulling double duty for San Fran; they'd still suck, but they'd at least be fun to watch.
Jets 30, 49ers 21
ATS- San Francisco

(3-1) Seattle at (4-0) New England [-4]: Smells like a letdown game; or maybe I'm smelling the leftover rotten eggs Seattle laid in last week's loss.
Patriots 20, Seahawks 17
ATS- Seattle

(1-4) Washington at (1-3) Chicago [E]: The word on Capitol Hill says that President Bush is set to veto Joe Gibb's Hall of Fame enshrinement.
Bears 17, Redskins 14
ATS- Chicago

(2-3) Houston at (2-3) Tennessee [-6.5]: What's higher? That spread or the oddsmaker that came up with it?
Texans 31, Titans 24
ATS- Houston

(1-3) Kansas City [-2] at (3-2) Jacksonville: Looks like I'm not the only Jacksonville doubter out there -- dogs at home to a one-win team?
Chiefs 26, Jaguars 23
ATS- Kansas City

(4-1) Pittsburgh at (2-2) Dallas [-3]: I hope the shoocks on the Dallas bandwagon can support the people that jump back on Sunday night.
Cowboys 20, Steelers 10
ATS- Dallas

(4-1) Denver [-2] at (2-3) Oakland: Anyone else hear the rumor that the Broncos and Raiders are holding a joint RB tryout Saturday afternoon?
Broncos 24, Raiders 20
ATS- Denver

(3-1) Minnesota [-3.5] at (2-3) New Orleans: I thought about making a Randy Moss cajun metaphor, but is there really any need for bad puns?
Vikings 34, Saints 16
ATS- Minnesota

(1-4) Tampa Bay at (3-2) St. Louis [-6]: St. Louis will have one -- and only one -- reason to celebrate this weekend.
Rams 22, Buccaneers 9
ATS- St. Louis


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