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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Sports: NFL Predictions 

While my blood bleeds orange, I'm still a huge Cowboys fan, and with the NFL opening this weekend, I might as well make a few predictions:

AFC East
New England 11-5
Buffalo 8-8
NY Jets 7-9
Miami 5-11

AFC North
Baltimore 10-6
Cincinnatti 8-8
Pittsburgh 7-9
Cleveland 6-10

AFC South
Indianapolis 12-4
Tennessee 10-6*
Jacksonville 9-7
Houston 6-10

AFC West
Kansas City 11-5
Denver 10-6*
Oakland 6-10
San Diego 3-13

NFC East
Philadelphia 11-5
Dallas 10-6*
Washington 7-9
NY Giants 4-12

NFC North
Minnesota 10-6
Green Bay 9-7*
Detroit 6-10
Chicago 5-11

NFC South
Carolina 10-6
Tampa Bay 9-7
New Orleans 8-8
Atlanta 7-9

NFC West
Seattle 12-4
St. Louis 9-7
Arizona 6-10
San Francisco 5-11

AFC Wild Card: New England over Denver, Tennessee over Baltimore
NFC Wild Card: Minnesota over Green Bay, Dallas over Carolina

AFC Divisional: Indianapolis over Tennessee, Kansas City over New England
NFC Divisional: Seattle over Dallas, Minnesota over Philadelphia

AFC Championship: Indianpolis over Kansas City
NFC Championship: Minnesota over Seattle

Super Bowl XXIX: Indianapolis over Minnesota
NFL MVP: Peyton Manning, Indianapolis
Offensive ROY: Roy Williams, Detroit
Defensive ROY: Sean Taylor, Washington
Coach of the Year: Mike Holmgren, Seattle

I'm a homer, I realize. Go Cowboys!


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