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Monday, February 07, 2005

Sports: NFL Wrap-Up 

So the New England Patriots are the champs again, and now they've established an almost-Dallas dynasty. Good for them.

I'd give my thoughts on the Super Bowl, but I don't have any. It was an okay game,, though not nearly as exciting as a 24-21 score might indicate. The commercials were atrocious and the halftime show was as blah as they come.

I almost won two squares, but the Patriots couldn't manage to squeeze that last TD in before the end of the third quarter. Then they abandoned the pass rus in the last minute, when a safety would have given me the fourth quarter.

Looking back at my preseason predictions, I hope no one laid any bets based on my foresight (or lack thereof). I only called seven of the twelve playoff particpants correctly, and I missed both Super Bowl teams. I even had the two eventual conference runners-up finishing below .500. In my defense, Indy-Minnesota would have been a hell of a lot better of a game.

"Don't quit your day job," you say? Don't worry, I won't; not until I visit CareerBuilder.com, anyway. They stole the show in the Super Bowl's watered down field of commercial competitors, I thought. I just hope that my employer received royalties for CareerBuilder's ads, as the "chimpanzees run amok" theme looked an awful lot like the norm around here.


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