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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Television: Austin Held Hostage 

I know that just two days ago I said that "I couldn't be any less enthusiastic" about the upcoming "Real World: Austin." That's still true. However, it doesn't mean that I won't extensively cover it here on the blog, because, frankly, what else do I have to write about right now?

Anyway, it appears that the RWA house has been located. I had heard rumors about several spots, but this post on the (shudder) "Real World: Austin" unofficial message boards seems about right.

A warehouse located at Third Street and San Jacinto, which is downtown near the convention center, raised suspicion because of the presence of cameras and construction. The folks at realworldaustin.com seem to think this is it; checking out the building revealed "NO TRESPASSING" and "UNDER 24 HOUR SURVEILLANCE" signs... Of course, we'll know for sure once seven self-absorbed 20-somethings show up with cameras in tow.
Well of course it is downtown. Austin really isn't that big. The only logical spots to house this disaster-in-the-making would be either (a) downtown near the bar districts, or (b) out near Lake Travis. The latter would require some awfully long drives once Sixth Street closes down, and I doubt that MTV wants its "self-absorbed 20-somethings" commuting under the influence, so count that out. Downtown there are a number of high-rises and condo buldings popping up, but if I paid $300K for a 900-square foot closet and a week later I had a bunch of kids living above me, partying into the wee hours, I'd raise just a little bit of hell about it. That means that this warehouse idea makes sense.


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