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Friday, January 07, 2005

Televison: Austin Gets 'Real' 

"The Real World" is headed to Austin and I couldn't be any less enthusiastic about it.

What was once an entertaining, interesting concept, has devolved in recent years into a superficial exhibition of drama kings and queens, who seem to have no ambition in life other than turning their appearance into a revolving door career of reality show follow-ups.

What can we expect from Real World: Austin?

Murray promised "The Real World" homestead in Austin would be just as unique and palatial as the pier in Seattle, the loft in New York, the mansion in New Orleans and the former bank in Philadelphia, the location of the latest season. There will be a hot tub, some antiques and maybe even some neon or cowboy kitsch from local stores. But don't expect a horse.
Neon or cowboy kitsch? Please Lord, don't let MTV try and portray our city as some redneck haven of backasswardness. But don't let them make it look so cool as to elicit any more transplants, either. No matter which way they go, I fear a lose-lose for Austinites.

The only real winners will probaly be the downtown bar owners, who are no doubt foaming at the mouth. If the show continues its reputation of the past few years as a three month drunkfest, then I expect crowds on Sixth Street and Fourth Street to swell uncontrollably. Yee haw.


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