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Monday, October 04, 2004

Sports: Week Four Wrap-Up 

8-2 SU, 6-3-1 ATS

For the season that brings me to:

25-15 SU, 21-18-1 ATS

My usual Monday morning thoughts:

- I normally hate when the Cowboys don't play on Sunday. With the Astros going, however, I didn't even care yesterday.

- The 2004 Green Bay Packers remind me of the late 1990's Dallas Cowboys. No one could ever question Brett Favre's heart, but the magic just isn't there anymore. Who knows? Maybe Green Bay bounces back, but 1-3 is pretty much a death knell in today's NFL.

- Speaking of 1-3 teams, what's wrong with Washington? I think they're better than their record, but playing in the NFC East leaves little room for error, and even less room for excuses.

- Those Houston Texans are a gritty bunch. If they could somehow pull off an upset against the Vikings next week, then the playoffs aren't out of the question.

- The 49ers, Dolphins and Bucs are all battling hard for that "Worst Team in the NFL" label. Really hard.

- Big road win for the Colts. We might get to see and Indy-Jacksonville rematch in a few months.

- New England wins number eighteen in a row. Go ahead and pencil in number nineteen, because the hapless Phins visit Foxboro next week. Actually, forget the pencil; use a Sharpie marker.

- I picked San Diego to upset Tennessee, but I almost want to count the pick wrong, because they didn't win a fluke squeaker. The Chargers flat-out whupped the Titans. Steve McNair didn't play. It didn't even matter.

- Old Men Emmitt Smith and Curtis Martin must have found the same fountain of youth during the offseason. Either that or the Devil struck up a two-for-one deal with the NFLPA.


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