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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Sports: NFL Week One Picks 

My Week One picks (if you don't want to scroll down two entries):

SU: 6-4
ATS: 7-3

A few thoughts:

- Even though they lost, 35-17, I'm encouraged by what the Dallas offense did today. Vinny looked sharp, and Antonio Bryant appreantly learned how to catch a football over the offseason. Not every team can line up Randy Moss to destroy your defensive gameplan.

- Washington's defense is better, but not so dominant that they should be able to shut a team down the way they did to Tampa today. Might Chris Simms find his way into the Bucs' plans a little sooner than expected?

- If Jamal Lewis intends on playing the rest of the season the way he did today, then it really won't matter how long his trial lasts.

- How many suicide/survivor pools saw half their fields eliminated today when Baltimore and Houston lost? Mine saw six of eleven fall.

- I don't know about breaking the single-season rushing record, but Priest Holmes could very well top 2,000.

- Note to CNNSI's Peter King: MVP QBs don't throw interceptions from their own endzone when trying, amidst a stiff pass rush, to force passes with the wrong arm. Jake Plummer? Please.

- Not too many thoughts this week, as our return trip for Arkansas meant we couldn;t watch many games. I'll try to do better next week (depending on whether or not I attend Austin City Limits Festival).


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