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Friday, September 10, 2004

Sports: NFL Week One 

For the past few seasons I've run a weekly "pick'em" gambling pool at work. After decreased participation in the latter half of last year, coupled with my desire to go out on top (I won the yearly title in 03), I chose to retire as the resident wannabe bookie here at work.

I still have the itch to pick games, though, so I might as well make a few picks here each week. Don't expect a detailed column like with Matt's "The Week that Will Be." I don't have that kind of motivation, nor do I want to steal his thunder.

Anyway, here are my picks on the top ten games of the week. Lines courtesy of America's Line.

Tennessee(-3) at Miami: This game was moved up a day to avoid Hurricane Ivan. You could send the Titans there now and the outcome would be the same. Steve McNair or Jay Fiedler? Not even a comparison. Titans 24, Dolphins 13
ATS: Tennessee

Dallas at Minnesota(-5):
Vinny's looked good in camp, and I'm excited to see what Julius Jones can do. But as much as I love Pete Hunter, I feel a big day coming from Randy Moss. Dallas will hold their own before the Vikings break it open. Vikings 27, Cowboys 17
ATS: Minnesota

Tampa Bay at Washington(-2): Joe Gibbs returns to coaching and gets boy-wonder Jon Gruden in his first game. Tampa will struggle to move the ball against a revamped Skins D. Clinton Portis is overrated, but he'll eke out enough yards to win in a defensive battle. Redskins16, Buccaneers13
ATS: Washington

Baltimore(-3) at Cleveland: Jamal Lewis used the Browns as aspringboard to 2,000 yards last year. Can he do it again? Kellen Winslow better watch those crossing routes against Raw Lewis. Lewis might not be a soldier, but he's a warrior. Ravens 17, Browns 6
ATS: Baltimore

Jacksonville at Buffalo(-3): Two solid AFC sleepers with good, young talent. I like Fragile Fred to outduel the dual threat of Travis Henry and Willis McGahee. Jaguars 24, Bills 21
ATS: Jacksonville

Detroit at Chicago(-3): This actually isn't a marquee game, but I look forward to seeing one Longhorn (Roy Wiliams) burn a fellow Longhorn (Nate Vashar) at least once. With the home field, I think Chicago wins, but barely. Bears 24, Lions 23
ATS: Detroit

Houston(-4.5) at San Diego: LT might be the NFL's most complete back, but Domanick Davis will put up better numbers on Sunday. The Texas haven't lost a season opener, and they have yet to play a team as bad as San Diego. Texans 27, Chargers 10
ATS: Houston

Seattle(-2.5) at New Orleans: The Seahawks are the trendy pick this year, but Matt Hasselbeck and Shawn Alexander are the real deal. So is Duece McAllister, but with my man Marcus Tubbs in Aaron Brooks' face, I expect the Seattle secondary to turn in a big play ot three. Seahawks 31, Saints 20
ATS: Seattle

NY Giants at Philadelphia(-9): This is one of those games where I wouldn't be upset if the stadium collapsed. Donavan McNabb is not as good as his press, but Kurt Warner is just awful. The Iggles get at least one defensive TD. Eagles 34, Giants 17
ATS: Philadelphia

Kansas City at Denver(-3): The Chiefs and Broncos are always good for a MNF thriller. I don't believe the Jake Plummer hype, but the KC defense can't be much better than it was last year, when it was horrible. As long as Priest is healthy, though, KC can out-shoot Denver. Chiefs 34, Broncos 31
ATS: Kansas City


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