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Monday, January 08, 2007

College Football: BCS Title Game Thoughts 

1. Fox sucks. Give the BCS back to ABC.

2. I feel bad for Ohio State. They were the best team, bar none, for 13 weeks, and they waited 51 days to play their worst game in years. Maybe it's karma from the fact that Miami did the same thing to them four years ago.

3. Florida got lucky. They humbled the Buckeyes, so they deserve their title. But they got lucky. South Carolina, Vandy, Florida State, even Arkansas... while UCLA defeats USC (I'm not sure Stephen Hawking could even explain how the Bruins held SC to six points), who no one is going to convince me is not a vastly better team than Florida.

4. This was a horrible season of college football. I think we all expected it, but watching it play out was almost painful. Ohio State beats everyone in their path, wins a way-overhyped game with Michigan (who then pisses down their leg against USC). The Trojans blow it against UCLA, ruining what would have been a near-epic game, and setting the stage for BCS "controversy" between Michigan and Florida (fortunately that worked out the right way), and before we even get to see the upset we see piss-ant Boise State beat an Oklahoma team that was obviously just going through the motions (in a lose-lose situation). Yuck. Oh yeah, and Wake Forest winning a power conference? Double Yuck.

5. Forgetting the records for a moment I still think the two best teams in the country were LSU and USC. I'm not a playoff proponent, so I'm not going to blather about how these teams deserved a shot, but I think on a neutral field the Tigers and Trojans are (slightly) better than any other teams.

6. The more I think about it, the more I think that an eight team playoff with Florida, LSU, USC, Ohio State, Michigan, Louisville, Wisconsin, and Boise State might yield eight different national champions. Or not. Boise would get their asses kicked by a team that cared about being there.

7. Florida: two national championships in the last decade, zero undefeated seasons. Auburn: two undefeated seasons in the last decade, zero national titles. Hmmmm...

8. USC or Texas of last year would have beaten any team in college football this season by three touchdowns. Ohio State probably would have, too.

9. Chris Leak: worst national title-winning QB in recent memory? Discuss...

10. Troy Smith: worst bowl performance by a Heisman winner in recent memory? Discuss...

11. Seriously, lest anyone think I'm slighting Florida... they deserved their title. They qualified for the BCS under the rules set in place, and the beat the piss out of the number one team in the country. Asterisks need not apply here. Urban Meyer has done a hell of a job in Gainesville.

12. Those who wear sweater vests deserve to be embarrassed on national TV.


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