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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Texas Football: The Alamo Bowl 

Bowl Game: No. 18 Texas (9-3) vs. Iowa (6-6)
Last Game: Texas A&M 12, Texas 7; Minnesota 34, Iowa 24
Last Meeting: 1985 Freedom Bowl -- Iowa 55, Texas 14
All-Time Series: Iowa leads 1-0

Um, yeah.

So... there's no reason that Texas should not dominate Iowa. But there was no reason that Texas should not have dominated Kansas State, or Texas A&M. But a pinched nerve to Colt McCoy, two turnovers in 30 seconds, a ticky-tack pass interference call negating a TD, and completely uninspired play for eight quarters turned a potential trip to Arizona into a quick jaunt to San Antonio.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Or somesuch.

Matt hasn't written his column yet, but feel free to check out LM Fanzone later this week to read it (and be sure to check out our Top Movies of 2006 thread).

Or somesuch...

This Week's Game in a Nutshell

Again, Texas should win comfortably. But will that happen? "On paper" doesn't always translate to reality in a bowl game, especially when one team has the proverbial "something to prove," and another is likely to go through the motions. Anyway, Colt McCoy has been cleared to play. If he's 100% (for real, this time), then Texas should be able to move the ball. And for a much-maligned Texas secondary, Drew Tate's inconsistent play gives hope for at least a 50% chance that Iowa won't pass all over the Horns.

From the "weird things hapen before bowls" file

Texas DB Aaron Ross fell asleep at the wheel on his way to practice last week, and got into a minor car accident.

It seems that almost every Texas bowl game is preceded by some weird incident: Ron McElvey, last-minute suspensions, and weird investigations that seem to mysteriously disappear.

The Greg Brown Memorial Pregame Premonition

Um, pass.

Good news for Texas fans that haven't had much of it lately

Limas Sweed and Frank Okam will return for their senior seasons.

Cotton Bowl officials are probablty kicking themselves in the ass

They should be, at least.

Tickets for the AT&T Cotton Bowl are so cheap that a family of four could see the New Year's Day game between Nebraska and Auburn in Dallas for less than $100.
What a great deal... you could take the family to a bowl game between two ranked teams for about as much as it'd cost for three hours at Chuckie Cheese.

TicketsNow.com had $15 tickets, and several other online brokers had plenty listed for $20. Prime seats still go for several hundred dollars, but what surprises Pate is that it would cost fans very little to get a seat.
There isn't a bad seat in the Cotton Bowl (sight-wise, I mean; every actual seat in the Cotton Bowl is bad, as the place was built for midgets), so unless you're paying to sit on the sideline and help Bill Callahan or Tommy Tuberville call plays, you're a damn fool for spending "several hundred dollars."

"When there's not a championship on the line, it makes it a lot harder to justify the travel expense," Randall said. "If [the University of Texas] were playing in the Cotton Bowl against an interesting opponent, maybe that would shake things up. As it is, this game isn't that big a deal."
Well they had the chance to invite Texas and they passed. No sympathy.

Random highlight that has nothing to do with Texas-Iowa, but what the hell...

Um, words fail me.

Prediction: Texas 28, Iowa 17



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