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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

NFL: Don Banks Takes Another Look at the 2006 Draft 

Um, whatever.

I can't figure out whether he's trying to be funny or serious.

Banks elevates OT Marcus McNeill to the top slot, leaves Vince Young at three, and jumps the steadily improving Matt Leinart to fourth. I have several friends that cheer for Houston; they seem generally pleased with Mario Williams' potential, and not-so-pleased with David Carr's progress. Still I'd guess that after the past few weeks they wish the Texans had taken the hometown hero.

And at number two? Marques Colston. Seriously? P'Shaw. A quick glance at the past 15 or so NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year recipients (which he hasn't actually won yet) shows that most have gone on to enjoy successful careers (Anthony Thomas excluded). But there's a reason the guy was drafted next-to-next-to-last in April. It's going to take more than one season to prove he should have been a first-rounder.

I wouldn't necessarily call it a "forward-looking" piece.


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