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Monday, November 27, 2006

NFL: Peter King is a Romosexual 

From this week's MMQB:

4. Dallas (7-4). You tell me one team below here that you think would beat Tony Romo on a neutral field. Can't find one, can you? I spent five minutes trying to justify putting Dallas ahead of Indy or Baltimore, to be honest with you, and very nearly did it.
Romo has been a pleasant surpise for Cowboys fans in 2006, but I wonder how quickly people will hop off of the bandwagon when he eventually has a bad game.

I must admit now that I, too, am a Romosexual. I'm not planning my Super Bowl party just yet (Marion Barber and Julius Jones, and the Dallas secondary will have as much to say about the Cowboys' playoff fortunes as Romo will), but it has been refreshing to see Romo make heady plays in pressure situations, as opposed to watching Drew Bledsoe throw the ball out of bounds, orfall limply to the gound like a sniper victim any time a defensive lineman got him in his sights.

ETA: King also named Romo the co-offensive player of the week, along with Vince Young, who led the Titans from a 21-0 hole to win 24-21. Said King: "I never thought I would say this, but in his rookie year, for one game, Vince Young had a quarterback rating over 100." Funny that Young had his breakout NFL game just two days after his old college team showed just how much they missed his presence.


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