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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

College Football: Ohio State-Michgan 

(note: My thoughts about the Texas debacle should appear later this week).

With all of the hype surrounding this weekend's Ohio State-Michigan clash, I have yet to see a national talking head state what we all think as succinctly as Pete Fiutak did in CFN's weekly "5 Thoughts" column:

Bring the national championship trophy to Columbus this weekend and just give it to the winner of the Michigan – Ohio State game. Enough is enough this year. Has Florida looked even remotely like a national title caliber team? USC lost to an Oregon State team that just got thumped by UCLA. Does Arkansas really belong in the national title considering it got obliterated 50-14 at home by the Trojans? Sure, that was a lifetime ago, but the loss has to still count for something. Notre Dame needed everything in its bag to beat Michigan State and UCLA and, in case you forgot, got its doors blown off by Michigan. Rutgers? I know, cute story, but come on. Texas, Cal, Auburn … thanks for playing. And no, there shouldn’t be a rematch no matter what happens next weekend. What happens in Columbus, stays in Columbus.
I said four months ago that I didn't think any team would emerge unscathed from the 06 regular season, save for maybe OSU should they beat Texas, which they did. Leave it to perenially under-achieving Michigan to prove me wrong.

Anyway... these two teams are not just the only real undefeated teams in the country (and can we please tap the brakes on Rutgers talk until they finish undefeated?), they're the only two teams that consistently look impressive. Deserving teams don't lose to scrubs on the road, or to good teams by double-digits at home, or survive scares thanks to fortuitous blocked kicks.

Can a Florida, or a USC, or a Notre Dame, or even a Texas, Wisconsin, or LSU hang with either of these two teams on a neutral field? Sure they can. That doesn't necessarily make them a great BCS title contender. Sadly, one of those squads will probably do more than just "hang" on Jan 8. That would provide a pretty fitting end to a strange year of college football.


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