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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Texas Football: The Okahoma Game 

Week Three: No. 7 Texas (4-1) v. No. 14 Oklahoma(3-1)
Last Week: Texas 56, Sam Houston 3; Oklahoma, idle
Last Meeting: 2005 -- Texas W 45-12
All-Time Series: Texas leads 56-39-5

Here's all I ned to say about this game: OU Sucks.

If "OU Sucks" doesn't motivate you then maybe Matt's TWTWB can

’Motherfucker. I. Will. Not. Lose.’ – Sean Carter, aka Jay-Z

This is what I wrote one year ago for this game:

Sure it will still be silly to talk about Pasadena after this weekend, but finally the monkey would be off our back and we can talk about what can be, not what could have been.

Stores in Austin tried to get cute and make T-shirts and bracelets that said "Reverse the Curse". Others said that maybe Mack just can't do it against Bob Stoops. We thought about different t-shirts we could wear, different seating arrangements and whether or not we needed to get our prostate exam this year.

None of that matters, of course.

For, not unlike the Ohio State game, this one comes down to one man and one man only.

Vincent Young.

That was then. This is now.

We heard all off-season how this team felt slighted in all of the talk last year about how Vince Young was the entire team. They felt disrespected this year when people told them that they couldn’t win without Vince, couldn’t win those close games they won last year when #10 did his heroics.

At some point you have to quit talking and show people.

The first chance to do that this year was September 9th, when Ohio State came to town. The Buckeyes were the #1 team in the country, had Heisman candidates at every skill position and brought College Gameday and the ABC Prime-Time crowd with them.

I don’t really want to say it, but Texas wasn’t ready.
Troy Smith made them look ordinary, which he will do to a lot of teams this year, but the Longhorns barely put up a fight, losing 24-7. The defense looked clueless, the offense was inconsistent and the special teams failed to capitalize. Ohio State has gone on to make other big teams look stupid, but this was the team that Vince built, dammit. We’re not supposed to go down like that.

Let Vince be Vince.

The turning point of Vince Young’s career came after a near disasterous win over Missouri in 2004. The coaches pulled Vince aside that week and quit trying to fix his throwing motion, quit trying to make a square peg fit into a circle.

You know what happened after that.

For not unlike Ohio State, this one comes down to one man and one man only.

This year, not unlike Ohio State, this one comes down to 22 men and 22 men only.

This isn’t Vince Young’s team anymore. I hope everyone took what they learned last year and built a good foundation, but this is Jamaal Charles’ team. This is Selvin Young’s team. This is Limas Sweed’s team. This is Kasey Studdard’s team. This is Tim Crowder’s team. This is Brian Robison’s team. This is Michael Griffin’s team. This is Colt McCoy’s team.

Superman is gone. It’s time for the Legion of Super Heroes to save the day.

I’ve read quotes as late as this week that Texas is still searching for it’s identity, that Mack Brown doesn’t listen to rap music on his iPod anymore (probably a good thing) and that the Vince Vibe is gone.

Well, if I’m Mack Brown, I’m telling guys that if you want to find your identity, it’s out there on the floor of the Cotton Bowl.

James Brown. Butch Hadnot. Stoney Clark. Johnny Walker. Peter Gardere. Keith & Kerry Cash. Bubba Jacques.

They all found their identity in this game, because this game is larger than Ohio State at home. It’s larger than a meaningless Rose Bowl victory over Michigan. This is bigger than the Horseshoe at night.

It’s Texas/OU at the State Fair of Texas. With the ferris wheel, the funnel cakes, the beer in wax cups, the Fletcher’s Corny Dogs. It’s the OU band high-stepping on the field to the drum cadence that if most of us didn’t already hate it, we absolutely despised it in the years of 2000-2004. It’s the Ruffnecks firing that damn cannon and Boomer Sooner played 200 times a game. It’s 7 year old kids doing the Horns Down in your face. It’s the Sooner Schooner flying across the field and the cheerleaders running the flags after OU scores.

Time to show everyone that it wasn’t just Vince, boys. Oklahoma might have one loss and be ranked #12, Texas might be favored in Sin City, but deep down you know the rest of the country is saying, “Yeah, let’s see them win without Vince.”

Superman will be in a hotel in Indianapolis, no doubt keeping his eye on things. But that Vince Vibe is still there, deep in the bowels of the Cotton Bowl, underneath the Ferris Wheel, underneath the new scoreboard, underneath the OU fans filing into their seats chanting “OU”, down that infamous tunnel where Brian Bosworth caused near riots, into the visiting locker room, into the heads of every player in there.

’we. Will. Not. Lose….fucka!’
This Week's Game in a Nutshell

The great Dr. Marvin Olasky had a prrofreadng mark he used when we stated the obvious in our journalism stories: "TEK." This. Everybody. Knows. Well Dr. O... if you happen upon this I hope you won't feel disappointed that I'm about to make a TEK statement. Stop Adrian Peterson. If that happens, Texas wins. Sooner QB Paul Thompson does not beat Texas. Adrian Peterson might.

The Greg Brown Memorial Pregame Premonition

Rhett Bomar is going to wince the first time he sees a Burnt Orange tidal wave engulf Thompson. Then he's going to laugh and change the channel.

Personal Anecdote Involving This Week's Opponent

1. Ten years ago we lost to a winless OU team. It was my first Texas-OU game. Blech.

2. Three years ago I paid $200 to watch us lose 65-13.

I bring these up because I once again have shelled out $200 to see this game, on the ten year anniversary of my first Texas-OU experience, and joining me will be my buddy Ernest, who has never seen the Red River Rivalry in person. I thought there were some coincidences here, I guess.

Semi-Relevant Quote from the Big Lebowski

"You don't want to know dude. There are ways."

Indeed there is a way. It involves a $50 bill, a shady ticket-taker, and balls of pure brass. If you have #1 an #3, and you can find #2, you can join in the fun.

Bonus Semi-Relevant Quote from the Big Lebowski

"I've had a long day, man, and I hate the f'ing Eagles."

So do I, Dude... Go Cowboys. Go to hell, Philly.

Deluded/Rational Thoughts from an Opposing Message Board

Go to SoonerFans.Com for the former. If they're not still bitching about Oregon then you'll probably find lots of deluded talk about this game.

Random Texas-OU highlight that has little to do with this game, but was sweet nonetheless

Nothing random about this, but it sure is sweet. Stonie is the man!

Prediction: Texas 27, Oklahoma 23

Bonus Prediction: I eat three Fletcher's Jalapeno & Cheese corny dogs. Yum...



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