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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Current Events: Global Warming Not Because of Humans??? 

This, according to Colorado State professor Bill Gray, who contends that "human-induced global warming is a fear perpetuated by the media and scientists who are trying to get federal grants."

“I think we’re coming out of the little ice age, and warming is due to changes to ocean circulation patterns due to salinity variations,” Gray said. “I’m sure that’s it.”


At the breakfast, Gray said Earth was warmer in some medieval periods than it is today. Current weather models are good at predicting weather as far as 10 days in advance, but predicting up to 100 years into the future is “a great act of faith, and I don’t believe any of it,” he said.

But even if humans cause global warming, there’s not much people can do, Gray said. China and India will continue to pump out greenhouse gases, and alternative energy sources are expensive.
“Why do it if it’s not going to make a difference anyway?” he said. “Whether I’m right or wrong, we can’t do anything about it anyway.”
Interesting. I think Al Gore and the majority of scientists would probably disagree.

I agree with his assertion that there's little we can do, at least in the short term. But does that mean we don't even try? Maybe An Inconvenient Truth resonated a little too much with me, but I cannot bring myself to believe that human behavior has had no impact on global warming, or that changes in behavior could not eventually effect a positive change.

In the past few months I've turned the corner regarding global warming. I think the full truth is still out there, and maybe nature does have as much to do with it as mankind, but I refuse to call it a myth any longer. There's simply too much data to the contrary.

Until we we know for sure (if ever?), though, would it really hurt to try and find ways to conserve resources? There are little things we call do that, in the long run, that can help make a difference. Or, if you have a few extra billion dollars lying around, you can do the big things, like Virgin HMFIC Richard Branson.


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