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Monday, August 21, 2006

Texas Football: "Vince Young Saved My Life" 

True story from an acquaintance of mine... forgive me if I omit some of the details, as I heard this story five months ago.

After 9/11 this guy I know, Matt W., joined the Reserves. He was called into active duty at some point a year or two ago, and deployed to Iraq. Right before he was scheduled to return to the States in early 2006 he found himself trekking to a major Army installation outside of Baghdad from his platoon's camp to watch the Rose Bowl. Apparently a group of Texas Exes and fans had staged a watching party. So there he was in war-torn Iraq watching the greatest football game ever played, and as the final seconds ran off of the clock he felt the elation that the rest of us alums felt that night. But he had another reason to be happy, though he didn't know it at the time.

Since Texas won he and his buddies stuck around to celebrate for a while, rather than immediately walk the five or six miles back home. It's a good thing they did. About a half hour after the game ended a bomb exploded along the road they traveled, and Matt told me that it happened at about the same spot they likely would have been at had they left when it was over. It was amazing, he said. "Vince Young saved my life." I guess that makes it official: You're either for Texas or you're for Al Qaeda.


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