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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Texas Football: Godzillatron 

When you win a national title I suppose it's okay to allow yourself a few extravagances. And I can't think of anything that I have ever seen that rivals the extravagance of Texas-Memorial Stadium's new $8M video screen, dubbed Godzillatron by the Hornfans.com crowd.

See for yourself:

Photos don't do this thing justice. It's the largest "jumbotron" in the world (at least until the Japanese unviel a larger one at some point). I imagine that I'll spend as much time leering at it on Sept. 2, as I will spend paying attention to the on-field action. That was certainly the case at Saturday's scrimmage.

ETA: Texas A&M is also upgrading their jumbotron, though it's not nearly as big. And the folks at Hornfans have also come up with a nickname for this one: EweTube.


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