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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Texas Football: Be Nice Fans, Please 

The Eyes of Texas apparently won't be the only eyes upon fans at Royal-Memorial Stadium this fall. UT officials are apparently encouraging football-goers to keep tabs on their neighbors during the Horns' seven 2006 home games, and tattle, if necessary.

The University of Texas kicked off a campaign to promote good sportsmanship among fans Tuesday. The theme, which fans will soon be seeing on everything from T-shirts and cups to messages on the giant new scoreboard is: “Texas Fans Make Us Proud.”

Respectful, friendly and passionate will also be part of the message.

The campaign is the result of project started by the Texas Exes a year ago that included students, alumni, spirit groups and administrators. UT administrators said that the football team’s national championship last year will only magnify the spotlight on the team and fan behavior. They are also very aware that Ohio State fans will be coming to town for a Sept. 9 game and do not want a repeat of some of the behavior Longhorn fans encountered in Columbus.

UT fans will be urged to monitor their alcohol consumption, treat opposing teams and fans with respect, watch their language, tell ushers if they see inappropriate behavior and support the team enthusiastically.
My question is this: why?

Texas fans by and large are just as good or bad as any other group in college football. And despite what some jaded A&M or Arkansas fan may tell you, no one gets spit on or beaten up at DKR. Sure some fans get rowdy, drop four-letter bombs around kids, razz opposing fans, and act like tools, but that happens everywhere. I even saw a few bad apples in Lincoln, Neb., and Husker fans, collectively, were the best group I've ever experienced.

This seems like a case of some UT higher-ups not having enough to do. And it opens a virtual pandora's box of what is, and is not, appropriate.

What if someone doesn't feel like standing up, and goes to the usher to try and make those in front sit down? Is that inappropriate behavior? No, not acording to the stadium guidelines, whcih do not prohibit standing, so long as you are in front of your seat and not standing on top of the bleacher. I guarantee, you, though, the people will make an issue out of this. You'll also see a rise in the number of people ratting out those with alcohol, even when it's not affecting them.

This campaign is pointless. I hope I do not see anyone wearing a t-shirt with "Texas Fans Make Us Proud" on it. I may just do something inappropriate.


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