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Friday, September 09, 2005

Politics: Kanye's Boo-Birds 

Karol at Alarming News notes that New England fans booed Kanye West's NFL Kickoff show performance. I tried to comment, but it wasn't working, so I'm posting my comment here instead.

Maybe they were just booing because that douche from Maroon 5 was with him?

Seriously, Kanye made an error in judgment with his ill-timed quip, but it strikes a chord at a problem that the GOP simply hasn't made a substantial effort to fix. Of course many blacks think the President doesn't care about them (along with the GOP). The left has perpetuated this claim for years, and stodgy old curmudgeons like Trent Lott don't help matters when they make dumb comments. Republicans have to do a better job of this, and simply appointing a few black government officials isn't the answer. It's time for the GOP to articulate why they do care. Kanye was out of line, but he isn't 100% wrong.
Agree? Disagree? I don't think this whole deal is a typical "Left-Wing Hollywood" needs to shut up. Kanye represents a substantial part of American society that almost overwhelmingly shares his opinion. His comment bothers me much more than Sean Penn's petulant rant de jour.


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