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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Blog: I'm Back, Baby! 

So... It's not hard to see that my updates have been sporadic at best lately. Due to a semi-promotion at work and a busted computer at home, finding time to blog has been... well, difficult.

But I managed to get my glorified calculator of a laptop semi-functional again, so it looks like late-night blogging sessions are once again a reality. And when you get down to it, all writers seem to do their best work late at night. I hope that serves even for the mediocre ones like myself.

Anyway... things you can expect to see covered in the near future:

- The Houston Astros... Hey, they're still my boys. I don't care if they're mathematically eliminated (next week, perhaps?), I'm going to talk about them when I get a chance. I just haven't gotten a chance in the last six weeks.

- Summer movies... We've got Batman Begins, War of the Worlds, and the lovely Jessica Alba in the Fantastic Four. If you read my upcoming Pregame Tailgate column, disregard the jabs I make about the lack of originalituy in the summer schedule. I wasn't being serious.

- The superiority of the State of Texas... We're better than everyone. I can't help it.

- The College World Series... Hopefully?

Things I won't cover in the near, or long, future:

- Star Wars... You're tired of reading about it by now. And I'll have plenty more chances to show my geekiness.

- The Texas Legislature... So, there is this one area where my state sadly does not dominate.

- The NHL Playoffs... [Nelson Munz]HA HA![/Nelson Munz]


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