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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Austin: Let Freedom (of Speech) Ring.... 

...Unless you're politicially right-of-center and intend to speak on the University of Texas campus. Ann Coulter learned just how mature and articulate the Left can be last night during a speech at UT.

Incessant heckling and shouting culminated in an arrest Tuesday night during a speech by Ann Coulter, an extreme right-wing pundit, at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum.

Shouts became so pervasive during the question-and-answer session that Coulter informed the organizers she would no longer take questions if the hecklers were not silenced
Notice that the writer, Yashoda Sampath, editorializes her lead by throwing in "extreme" before "right-wing." I see the Daily Texan still practices the same quality journalistic standards as they did when I attended.

Where is the "extreme left-wing" tag for the protesters? The accompanying picture shows a student holding the Socialist Worker newspaper. That rag won't pass for mainstream even at liberal UT.

But I digress...

Arrests aren't uncommon at UT speaking events. Former President Bush spoke during my senior year, and "extreme left-wing" professor Bob Jensen caused a scene that led him straight to the crossbar Hilton. It seems that the Left is much better at getting arrested than changing viewpoints, at least on the Forty Acres.

Now I know Righties that dislike Coulter. I'll admit, she's a bomb-thrower. But at least she's funny about it, and she has an education to back up her
"pundit" status. It's not like she made her name as a recurring half-wit character on Saturday Night Live. For protesters to heckle her or hold up signs is expected.

Does anyone on the Left, though, want to condone this?

"You say that you believe in the sanctity of marriage," said Ajai Raj, an English sophomore. "How do you feel about marriages where the man does nothing but fuck his wife up the ass?"

UT Police officers approached Raj to arrest him, resulting in a mass exodus of protesters chanting, "Let him go."

"The person had been disruptive the entire event," said Matt Hardigree, former Student Events Center president. "He took the opportunity to say something lewd and offensive and then made masturbatory gestures as he exited."
Apparently Mr. Raj is looking for an internship at Wonkette.

Thanks go out to the Texas Union Student Events Center and Student Endowed Centennial Lectureship Committee for bringing Coulter to campus. And bigger thanks go out to all the junior Marxists that showed just how right America was last November for keeping people like this away from the decision-making process in our government.


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