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Friday, April 08, 2005

Sports: Morning Sports Shorts 4/8 

Augusta tames Tiger: El Tigre struggled in The Masters' opening round. First he putts into the water at 13, then some fan calls in to report a putting violation at 14. I don't know which is more unbelievable? Hey armchair golfers: Put down the phone and just watch the TV. Imagine if we could do this in other sports? You'd have an army of dorks holding dog-eared rulebooks watching games with their fingers on speed-dial. No penalty was assessed for Tiger's alleged infraction.

Spring wardrobe must-have in NYC: I guess this is the next best thing to those "1914" signs, though not as deliciously coarse as their rivals' "Jeter Has AIDS" t-shirt.

Best college football finishes: Fiending for football? The CFN gang has the Top 100 finishes in college football since 1970. After seeing their #14, I'm re-thinking what I said two posts ago. Maybe fans should be able to call in and report egregious officiating errors.

49ers narrow list to four: Antrel Rolle? Braylon Edwards? How can they not take a QB? Who would Edwards take passes from? It's Aaron Rogers or Alex Smith. Flip a coin if you must. If these clowns use the entire allotted fifteen minutes on Draft Day, I'm going to throw something at my TV.


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