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Monday, April 04, 2005

Sports: Morning Sports Shorts 4/4 

First steroid suspension: And the steroids "scandal" grows bigger with the first suspension for steroid abuse -- a light-hitting outfielder, whose services are unlikely to be missed in Tampa Bay. He claims his is a false pisitive. I really don't care one way or another.

Yankees win opener: For all the hype about this series' renewal, the game proved less-than-enthralling. Between the Alex Sanchez babble and constant resets of the teams' recent playoff tilts, Randy Johnson owned the defending champs. If Johnson doesn't win 22 games I'll be very surprised. He could probably win 25 if he catches a few breaks.

UNC-Illinois clash in final: I guess everyone whose bracket still has a chance to win money will tune in to see tonight's NCAA title game. The rest of us will turn our attention to MLB's opening day or 24. I hope UNC wins because I've always liked the Heels, and I've always disliked almost everything about the Big Ten.

Fat Phil defends title: It's Masters week, which means Phil Mickleson will be preparing for a title defense like no other the next few days. On the Golf Channel last night a panel debated the chances of either Lefty or Tiger's chances to win if each plays his best this weekend. Tiger's game has looked good lately, but as much as it pains me to admit, Mickleson poses a formidable threat as he seeks to repeat with another green jacket.

The best available: Gil Brandt offers his 32 best overall players in the upcoming NFL Draft, along with ten "radar" guys and three "wild cards." This year's draft looks stronger than the field in 2004.


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