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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Sports: Morning Sports Shorts 4/21 

Replacement-free hockey: Here's a suggestion for the NHL's official 2005-06 slogan -- "No scabs, just scars." Rather than use replacement players this fall, the league won't resume play until there's a collective bargaining agreement, which means they might not resume play for another season. Remember that time the government shut down for a few days during the Clinton Administration? If congressional Republicans could compromise with their arch-enemy, then how has it taken a year to make absolutly no progress between the NHLPA and the owners?

NBA Playoffs: LeBron and KG are out, yet the Chicago Bulls, Washington Wizards and Memphis Grizzlies are in. I don't know a lot about the NBA, but that's a little odd, isn't it? ESPN's Marc Stein ranks the contenders, and per his crystal ball the Spurs enter as the favorites. Meanwhile Houston and Dallas square off in Round One, which for the rest of Texas is as miserable a series as is possible. It's bad enough hearing these two cities snipe at each other when there isn't an actual competition in progress. A playoff series? This is going to be brutal.

Championship Chez?: Things looked bleak for the home team last night. We trailed The Outlaws, 7-0, after three innings. But once again T.D. Sanchez showed the heart (and beer gut) of a softball champion. Four runs in the fourth and three more in the fifth tied the game, and after a scoreless sixth The Outlaws scored twice in the seventh to regain the lead. No worries. Our lead-off man walked, and then the bats hammered out a double, a triple and a single up the middle to complete the come-from-behind win, 10-9 -- our third straight one-run victory. Team Chez finishes with a 6-2 record, and if The Outlaws lose their make-up game to the Cryco Psychos, we'll all finish in a three-way tie for first. No matter, it was by far the most exciting softball season I've had in my year-and-a-half on the team.

Arizona unveils new unis: Here's the difference in great franchises and crappy ones. When Dallas or San Francisco struggle for a few years, they go out and hire a new coach like Bill Parcells to turn things around. When the Arizona Cardinals sturggle, they change their uniforms. "I think it's an example of how we're trying to turn the corner and change things up," new quarterback Kurt Warner said. "I think the uniform is a great way to start on it." No, hiring Dennnis Green was a great way to start on it. Drafting a RB would be another great way to continue it. Forget the uniforms. There's a reason the Cardinals are a minor-league organization.


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