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Monday, April 11, 2005

Sports: Morning Sports Shorts 4/11 

Tiger fact and fiction: What a Masters! For all of the anti-Tiger sentiment the past two years, I'm surprised to see little to no negative coverage of his fourth green jacket. The gang at ESPN debates Tiger's future. Will he win another Major this year? Will he break Nicklaus' record for Masters' victories? Major championships? Does anyone really want to bet against him.

Arena tragedy: Al Lucas of the LA Avengers died yesterday from injuries sustained in an Arena Football League game. My prayers are with his family.

Bo knows lawsuits: A SoCal newspaper retracted a steroids accusation made against Bo Jackson. Bo on the juice? Say it ain't so, Bo. I don't belive Jackson took steroids. Despite what cynics and the media say, there are athletes that dominate simply due to their God-given abilities. Now if you believe Bill Simmons' assessment that Bo was the best video game athlete ever, then perhaps his Tecmo Bowl character was on the juice (I still maintain that Kordell Stewart in Bill Walsh '95 for Genesis was as good as, if not better than, Tecmo Bo.

Scots jeer Pope at soccer match: Maybe they were jeering because soccer is so incredibly boring?


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