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Friday, April 01, 2005

Sports: Morning Sports Shorts 4/1 

More Armstrong doping allegations: These aren't going away. They don't prove he was guilty, but the more people continue to come out with these stories, the more you have to wonder.

Can Jim Thome "save" baseball?: He's the man in Jayson Stark's eye. I don't personally think baseball needs saving. Keep giving us postseasons like the one we witnessed in 2004, and the greatness of the game will save itself.

Sox and Cubs: I couldn't get beyond the first few graphs of Bill Simmons' latest column. If there's one thing that's more tired than the Red Sox self-congratulatory lovefest it's the pathetic pity-party Cubs fans continue to throw themselves. The Cubs aren't loveable -- they're just losers. They whine and blather and think that baseball owes them something. Enough, already.

Junior ready for 2005: Baseball's biggest enigma seems optomistic about the upcoming season. Can Griffey finally make it through an entire season in Cincinnatti? If he does, and is anything close to the Griffey of old, the Reds can hang around for a while. I can't stand Cinci, but Griffey's always been good for the game, and I hope he can stay healthy this year. He still has the sweetest wing in the game.

Clarett runs again: His improved 40 times might get him back in the draft, but it's going to take a lot more than that to get him above practice squad fodder. Chracter issues don't go away overnight, and right now Clarett is Lawrence Phillips without the temper or the upside.


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