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Monday, April 18, 2005

Personal: Happy LM Day! 

Twenty-eight years ago today, halfway across the country from each other, two events occurred simultaneously that would forever change the course of our great nation. In hospital rooms in Los Angeles, Calif., and Temple, Texas, two mothers gave birth to sons that unbeknownst at the time, would eventually dominate the United States of America.

We still have time to make it happen.

Yes, today is the 28th birthday of both myself and sometimes-contributer Matt. I've heard it called the last good birthday, though I somehow think that happened a few years ago. Anyway, I don't feel older. But ask me again tomorrow after I've had a day to dwell on it.

Happy LM Day, everyone!

ADDED: April 18 is also a big day for two of my favorite blogs. Happy Birthday to Karol at Alarming News, and Happy 1st Anniversary to the gang at Dummocrats.Com.


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