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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Austin: Smoking Ban to be Decided 

Texas Tommy looks at Austin's proposed smoking ban, which the city will put to a vote on May 7. Austin currently bans smoking in public places, but a loophole in the provision allows bars and similar businesses to purchase a special permit that gets around the law. This new proposition would completely ban smoking, even in bars and music clubs.

I'm torn on this issue.

The part of me that supports a business owener's right to decide what's best for his or her venue thinks that the ban is an example of governmental over-reach. But the part of me that enjoys going out and not having to Febreeze my clothes wouldn't mind seeing the ban pass.

I probably won't vote in the election. On principle I'd have to vote against the ban, but my poor lungs sure would enjoy a night downtown where I didn't wheeze through half of the following day.

As a sidenote, I wonder how many of these anti-smoking zealots are among the masses that decry the "religious right's" attempts to legislate morality?


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