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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sports: Morning Sports Shorts 3/29 

New era in baseball: ESPN's Jayson Stark writes that decreased steroid use might not curb offensive numbers this season. And why should they? A few bad apples stopped juicing, but baseball players didn't stop working out. I hope someone blasts 50 HRs just to show that this whole overblown steroid mess was much ado about very little.

Raw QBs in demand: A lengthy look at NFL teams' growing propensity to look at unproven QBs merely based on potential. It's an interesting story, but how many of these guys will ever work out? Few, if any. Dallas has tried both the raw talents (Chad Hutchison, Drew Henson) and veterans (Vinny Testaverde, Tony Banks) and none of those guys have proven anything more than a stop-gap in the five year-plus quest to replace Troy Aikman. The simple fact is that at any given time maybe half of the league's QBs will be talented enough to win a Super Bowl. Grasping at straws is just that.

Funk takes TPC: What a disaster that was. A marathon of golf yesterday allowed the tournament to conclude only a day late. Fred Funk may have won golf's most prestigious non-major, but rain dominated the field all weekend.

Horns back to No. 1: A week after dropping three games to Baylor, Texas' sweep of Texas Tech in a rain-shortened series vaults Texas back to the top spot in Baseball America's poll. Sure it's still early in the season, but maybe it's time to start pricing flights to Omaha for June.


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