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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Sports: Morning Sports Shorts 3/24 

NYC eyes Super Bowl: Dome or not, people don't want to freeze their butt off at the Super Bowl. Still, the Big Apple should be a more desirable party scene than Jacksonville or Houston. That's good for the fans and bigwigs, but the city that never sleeps will probably keep coaches up all night, wondering if their players are out over-indulging in the night life.

TD Sanchez rolls: My favorite scene in The Sandlot is when Smalls and the gang get a visit from their uniformed rivals. A challenge comes down and our blue collar good guys wipe the floor with the preppies in one of those "everything went right" ballgames. Well last night Chez faced our own nemeses, the Cryco Psychos. The Psychos had bested us five straight times, and a few of those were double digit beat-downs. Not last night. The screaming liners that seemed to find their way into gloves last week, went for extra bases last night. Our defense looked sharp and two outs were no deterrent to ripping base hits. By the time the mercy rule took effect, we had built a 27-4 lead, and the Psychos could only slink off the field in poetic humiliation.

Owners target Roy Williams: Citing safety, NFKL owners want to outlaw the "horse collar" tackle, most associated with Dallas' All-Pro SS Roy Williams. It's unfortunate that Williams hurt several WRs with the maneuver, which involves hauling the ball carrier down from behind by grabbing the back collar, but that's football. It's a violent sport. Williams didn't set out to injure anyone, but you make split decisions on a football field and people get hurt sometimes. You can't target instinct in the NFL, which is exactly what this dumb rule does.

Lost and found: Roger Clemens' orange Hummer turned up in a Houston suburb last night less than 24 hours after it was stolen from his son's high school. I don't know if a Cubs fan was responsible or not, but let's go ahead and that's the case. Clemens needs to retaliate by beaning Nomar Garciaparra or Aramis Ramirez square in the back the first time he pitches against them.

Bruschi contemplating a break: Teddy, sit out next season. Please. You're a respected player with three championship rings and an icon to the entire New England fanbase, as well as those of us that simply like hard-nosed guys that play the game the way it's meant to be played. But a stroke at 31? A hole in your heart? That's serious business. You have nothing left to prove in football, so why risk it at this point?

Goosen aims for Players Championship: I like Retief Goosen. He's probably my favorite non-American golfer (well, maybe second favorite behind Ernie Els), but I didn't even realize until reading this piece that he's ranked No. 5 in the world. He's among the favorites at the Players Championship at Sawgrass this weekend, which hosts the sport's top 50 players. It's not Augusta, but it's not a bad way to spend Easter weekend either.


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