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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Sports: Morning Sports Shorts 3/22 

Today I welcome back an old friend.

The Island green at Sawgrass: Is it golf's most exciting hole? I don't know, but among holes at non-majors, No. 17 probably causes more anxiety than any other. I remember going in the drink five straight times on that hole a few years ago. PGA pros don't have the luxury, though, of resetting their PS2 and trying again.

Cavs fire Silas: I guess this means Silas won't be seeing Carlos Boozer next Tuesday? There's a lesson to be learned here; using the mother of all c-words (or even inferring to it with cryptic acronyms) can only lead to bad things, especially when you coach a team that can't win games.

Duncan on the shelf: I actually caught part of San Antonio's Tim Duncan-less fourth quarter meltdown last night against the Knicks (those should be common during the next two to four weeks). If that wasn't enough of a bummer, I had no idea that one of my favorite guys, Malik Rose, was traded to the Knicks a month ago. As you call tell, I'm pretty hardcore about the NBA.

Henry gives Bills ultimatum: Fantasy owners everywhere are no doubt celebrating this news. If Henry sits out this season, we won't be tempted to draft him and subsequently pull out all of our hair when he averages 3.5 YPC again. Thankfully, at 27 he's too young for Dallas to go after him.

TSG's March Madness Diary: If you missed it last week, check out Bill Simmons' running diary of the first two days of the NCAA Tourney. It only goes until 5:20 on Friday, though, which means that like the rest of who didn't work, Bill was most likely falling down drunk by the end of the afternoon set.

Prior aims for April: I'm sure Dusty Baker wants his ace back in time for the club's first series with Houston, starting April 29. Glendon Rusch just doesn't have Prior's control, and Baker will want someone on the mound that can hit the target with all of the beanballs he no doubt plans on calling.


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