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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sports: Defeat... 

Bad calls, bad weather and a lot of bad breaks doomed Team Sanchez last night, to the tune of a 13-9 defeat.

We started out with a barrage of first-inning hits, but a horrible ruling from the field ump ended our rally after three runs. With men on first and second, our guy lined a shot to the hot corner. The third baseman scooped up the ball, made a feeble attempt to tag the runner going to third, and fired to first for the out.

We should have had two guys in scoring position for yours truly, but the ump ruled that the tag was "close enough." He said that you get four feet on the baseline tag. I'm not making this up. Later the same ump called one of our guys out on a play at third, which wasn't even remotely close. The opposing left fielder started laughing at that screwjob.

Down 12-3 after two innings, Team Chez climbed back into the game and closed to 12-8. But with the temperatures hovering in the low 40s, the bats just went cold. We couldn't get a rhythm going against The Outlaws' crafty southpaw.

Next up for Team Sanchez: the Cryco Psychos. We haven't beaten those guys in something like seven tries. Hopefully with warmer weather we could see a different outcome.


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