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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Sports: Afternoon Spots Shorts 

Guess I'm on a roll today...

Pro b-ball headed to Austin (registration): We're fast becoming the Minor Leagues Capital of Texas. Will this new NBDL team be more Round Rock Express (record-setting baseball franchise with a plush park) or more Austin Ice Bats (goon-filled roster of rejects in a cattle barn)? The as-yet-unnamed team will make its home in the Austin Convention Center, which could have some leftover mojo after the Texas Republican Party used the venue for successful election night soirees in 2002 and 2004.

Nantz headed to Austin (registration): CBS sends its top broadcasting crew to the Capital City for this weekend's NCAA Regional. It's unfortunate that I'll be out of town. I had hoped to run into Jim Nantz downtown and hear him say something like, "Shiny shirt fratboys, puking in a Sixth Street Bar: A Tradition Like No Other (tm)."

Junior to Houston?: Not sure where the Ken Griffey-to-Houston rumor came from, but it's been circulating lately. The Reds apparently want four top prospects, which is about five more than an over-the-hill, chronically injured stop-gap is worth. Just to ease my mind, I e-mailed Astros beat reporter Alyson Footer about the rumor. Her reply: "Griffey Jr. is one awkward turn at first base away from another trip to the
60-day DL. No way this happens." Thank God.


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