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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Random: In Defense of Merlot 

I'd like to announce that from now on, I shall only drink Merlot when enjoying the occasional vino.

Now I saw Sideways. I found it funny and quirky, and I didn't object too vehemently at its inclusion in the Oscars' Best Picture category, despite the fact that it likely pushed out Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. So let it be noted that I have nothing against the movie.

Until now.

It seems that a considerable amount of wine drinkers have recently thumbed their noses at Merlot. Paul Giamatti's (nee "Pig Vomit") snobby "I'm not drinking any f'ing merlot" line from Sideways seems to have played a role in the decrease of merlot sales, which the linked piece pegs at 10-20 percent.

How bizarre is this? Who honestly changes their buying patterns based on the psuedo-intellectual ramblings of a snotty film character? I'm not a wine expert by any stretch, but I do enjoy the occasional glass (or bottle, as the case was at my friend David's wedding last week), and merlot suits my palate just fine.

So until this asinine Sideways-induced, anti-merlot craze wears off, I'm going to pledge my assistance to all the merlot makers out there. The grapes of wrath have been ignited. Let's give'em hell, boys.


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