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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Politics: Blogging the White House 

White House Press Secretary Scott McLellan "has no visible horns in person," according to Garrett Graff, the first blogger to gain official access to the White House press corps.

From Fox:

Graff said he got his pass after a week of asking. "The briefing room ought to be an inclusive place," White House press secretary Scott McClellan said. Historically, he said, the White House has admitted "the traditional media and the nontraditional media, as well as colorful individuals with certain points of view from the left and the right."
The problem here is that Graff really wasn't that colorful, especially for a gossip writer. I suppose I could make a joke here about Neil Armstrong or somesuch, but honestly, I'm not sure whether this is a case of blogging legitimacy or if the whole practice has now jumped the shark. Gossip columnists in the West Wing? Better FishbowlDC than the Wonkette, I guess.

Speaking of the West Wing, while watching Graff detail his experience on "Fox and Friends" this morning, I thought of The West Wing. Could you imagine C.J. Cregg inviting a blogger to her press gaggle? I couldn't, and it seems much more likely on the television show, and it doesn't seem all that likely there. Maybe a blogger could get access on one of Leo McGarry's "big block of cheese" days.

Anyway, good for Graff. I'm sure some of the serious blogger types out there feel a little green today. Personally, if I were going to try to get access to anything via my blog, it would be the pressbox at Minute Maid Park, not the Briefing Room in the White -- the facilities are nicer and you get free hot dogs. But the Houston Astros don't credential non-accredited media. Perhaps I'll try to get SCott McLellan to pull a few strings.


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