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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Music: South By Southworthless 

Yesterday the most "Austin" of the yearly local events began -- SXSW music festival.


So a bunch of bands are in town to play 45-minute sets and people line up around the block to buy $100+ wristbands to get into said shows. It seems excessive, but what do I care? It's their money. Just don't give me that "are you from Dallas?" crap just because I don't subject myself to this asswhip of an event.

The really annoying part is the look that some of the SXSW fanatics give you when you tell them you have no interest in going. They'll throw out obscure bands and tell you how amazing they are and all of that. Nevermind the fact that almost any decent band at SXSW will be back in Austin within the next few months playing a full set, and you won't have to endure un-Goldly traffic and claustrophobic venues to see them.

So I'm out on SXSW. It's kind of nice. For at least one weekend I don't even think about going downtown, and that's good for the bank account. The out-of-towners and the cool kids can have their run of Sixth and Fourth Streets. I'll stay up north and watch basketball.

For those that are going and need some ideas, my friend Porter has suggestions.


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