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Monday, March 28, 2005

Astros: Much Rejoicing! 

Timmah finds a new home in San Diego. Houston GM Tim Purpura pulls off the steal of the century by getting an actual, breathing ballplayer in return for the notorius headcase.

I'm torn between this announcement and Roger Clemens' contract signing as the best news to come out of Houston since Game Five.

And what of the new Astro? Humberto Quintero joins the Good Guys, adding another catching prospect to a farm system that seemingly lacks any immediate relief for Brad Ausmus' anemic stick. Ausmus, though, has tweaked his swing this Spring and he's batting .484 in Kissimme with a .645 slugging percentage. If he can manage to hit even .260 consistenly in the eight hole, then it coulg go a long way toward replacing the production lost near the top of the order.

Quintero probably won't make an impact early on, but Raul Chavez certainly isn't the catcher of the future. No matter what happens with Quintero, his inclusion makes this deal a great one for the Astros. Redding's days in Houston were long over, and now we can all move on. Good riddance, Tim. Good luck, Padres fans.


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