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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Television: Random Thought While Watching '24' 

Enjoying television requires viewers to suspend disbelief in many instances. That's certainly the case with "24," the popular fourth-season FOX drama to which my roommate recently got me hooked.

Contrived drama or not, though, I hope that our nation's actual counter-terrorism headquarters wields considerably better control on its security than "24's" CTU does. You've got rogue agents, infiltrators compromising missions, and civilians meandering without any supervision at all. Hell, I remember getting dirty looks in high school for not having a visible hall pass, and our "security force" consisted of a redneck rent-a-cop nicknamed "Elvis" and a half-blind parking lot attendant known as "Mr. Stop."

I do give the show credit for having actual Islamafascists conducting the terrorism. It would be hard to watch a bunch of Canadians, for instance, try to cause a nuclear holocaust in the U.S. when they can't even beat us in hockey half the time.


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