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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Television: Austin Held Hostage (Day Four) 

This firsthand report (from Hornfans.Com) of "The Real World: Austin" didn't take long.

I was out downtown last night getting primed up with a Long Island Ice Tea at the Library. As I am enjoying my beverage, and considering the ladies around the bar, I am blinded by some Million Candlelight Power high beam coming through the entrance. As I am cursing at the source of the light, my buddy mutters, "Great, it's the fuckin Real World." I see the camera, light guy, some troll with a ton of equipment strapped to his fatass, and three total choads. A black dude, a fooch of a brunette, and some scrawny white boy with too much gel in his hair. What annoyed me the most about these douchebags was their total disrespect for the rest of the patrons. The camera ass practicaly shoved me to get an angle on their engrossing conversation. What cracked me up though was that after the camera crew went outside to get their exiting shot the cast members were treated like lepers. The crowd must have left at least a 10 foot bubble around them, and everyone looked pissed off.
I cannot attest to the veracity of the report, but I suppose it sounds about right. Austinites don't seem hip to the show's presence here. As a quick disclaimer, though, I should add that most Austinites above the age of 22 aren't hip to The Library either. Maybe this experience was warranted.

I ended up downtown on both Friday and Saturday night, but the closest my going-out exploits took me to the RW house location was Logan's, which resides on the far east stretch of Sixth Street's main bar district. I saw no traces of camera crews or people looking for camera crews. In fact, downtown was pretty dead as late as 10:30 or 11:00. Bar owners might not see that spike in revenue after all.


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