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Monday, February 21, 2005

Television: Austin Held Hostage (Day 24) 

My buddy Porter sent me this link, which mentions an experience with the Real World crew at the University of Texas.

The best part of the encounter was a sign with the following message:

"Come in & Go About Your Regular Business

Ignore the Cameras"
Doesn't a snooty sign telling people to ignore something only provoke more gawking? It's like in elementary school, when some poor bastard starts puking in class, and the teacher impores you all to not look, as she hurries the student to the restroom. Do you ignore it? No you giggle and make gagging sounds. Better yet, it's like when you're young and watching TV with your parents. Invariably they'll flip it to a show with some boobies, and their initial reaction is to shield your eyes, which makes you squirm to get a peek.

Anyway, the link says that the RW crew's "job" is to make a documentary about one of the bands in the upcoming SXSW music festival. That should be interesting.


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