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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Politics: State of the Union (Vol. 1) 

I hope to have my full thoughts on the SotU this afternoon, after I've had a chance to read back through it at lunch.

Briefly, though, I wanted to make a few (somewhat trivial?) initial comments...

Which Repulican woman wore the hideous purple suit? They never gave a close-up, but she stood out everytime the camera panned the room. I'm pretty sure it wasn't Kay Bailey Hutchison, and I'm leaning toward Elizabeth Dole.

When the President spoke about faith-based initiatives, I had hoped for a close-up reaction from Hillary Clinton, who spoke in favor of them recently. The few times she did show up on camera she was attentive and receptive, as opposed to her open scoffs of a year ago.

Mr. President, is there any particular reason that you kissed Senator Lieberman on the walk out?

Shiela Jackson Lee, in addition to being an incompetent flame thrower, is a camera whore. I love how she blasts the President and the GOP with her mean-spirited vitriol at any given opportunity, yet rushes to the aisle to greet him as he enters the House chamber.

I forget the exact moment (damn not having a functional home computer right now), but Joe Biden showed restrained jubilation during the President's section on the Middle East. I thought he was about to pump his fist and yell "hell yeah," which surpised me in light of the critical remarks he made about Secretary Rumsfield during Condoleeza Rice's confirmation.

Sometimes I feel bad for the invited guests that get put on the spot. Marine Sgt. Byron Norwood's mother visibly shook during her ovation, and the emotion in her face was overwhelming. God bless her and her husband.


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