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Monday, February 28, 2005

Movies: The Oscars 

Bingo on 15 of the 18 categories I actually predicted. I missed visual effects, documentary and best director.

At first it looked like The Aviator might make an LOTR-type sweep. As it turned out, though, the "style over substance" comments that marked many reviews of the film proved true. Scorsese's epic swept most of the technical awards, but only Cate Blanchett picked up one of the more prestigious statuettes.

During the short film awards presentation, when the bearded winner bloviated for what seemed like hours, my roommate commented that perhaps Scorsese should enter a short film in 2005. It has to be easier to win an Oscar in that category than it is in feature films, and even if he failed in the attempt, it wouldn't matter because hardly anyone watches that segment. She knows what she's talking about, too, based on her victory in the Alamo Drafthouse "Red Carpet Bash" prediction contest.

I hope that the Academy asks Chris Rock to host again next year. From his opening monologue until the time he closed the door on what was a well-paced broadcast, Rock was a definite hit. The other highlights? Morgan Freeman and Jamie Foxx received the biggest ovations at the Draft House. And after last night, I'm officially a Beyonce fan. The girl can flat-out sing.


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