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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Longhorns: A Memo to Ryan Perrilloux 

For those that don't follow college football recruiting, the name Ryan Perrilloux probably means nothing. To those that do, the name either means a jewel (if not the jewel) in the 2005 recruiting class or simply a pain in the ass.

I follow it and I vote for the latter. With all of the Google hits I'm getting in regard to RP, it's time to finally address this prima donna and the hype that surrounds him. Bluntly put, he isn't worth it.

Since committing to Texas in the Fall, Perrilloux has taken subsequent official visits to other schools, and acted like anything but a solid commitment. Recent rumors have him sending a text message -- "LSU, holla" -- to a fellow recruit, as well as declaring that he'll shock the world tomorrow when he goes to sign his national letter of intent.

For the love of God, RP, sign with LSU. It won't really shock anyone, but you're the last thing that the University of Texas needs in 2005. The Horns return an almost-full cupboard of talent next season, with a legitimate chance to return to the Rose Bowl for the BSC Championship game. Distractions from arrogant freshman won't serve a useful purpose in that quest.

We have a QB for next year, and his name is Vince Young. A month ago today Young walked what Perrilloux can only talk at this point, and the entrenched signal caller still has two years of eligibility. Even if Perrilloux does somehow end up at UT, he will watch from the sidelines, coming no closer to supplanting Young than any of the 80,000+ fans that will fill Royal-Memorial Stadium this Fall.

No one player is bigger than the game, though Ryan Perrilloux obviously thinks that he is. LSU fans can have him. We'll get Vince Young's successor next year.


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