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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Cowboys: Reveling in Mediocrity 

At Valley Ranch it's out with the old, and in with the not-quite-as-old. Drew Bledsoe looks to be the new signal-caller in Dallas, signaling another year of mediocrity in Dallas.

Hey, Bledsoe is a step up from Vinny T, right? Maybe, maybe not. Matt did a comparison between each QB's 2004 season, and their numbers were startlingly similar:


256/450 56.9 comp. %
2932 yards
6.52 yards per attempt
20/16 TD/INT
76.6 QB rating


297/495 60.0 comp %
3532 yards
7.14 yards per attempt
17/20 TD/INT
76.4 QB rating
What does Dallas gain in this? They get younger at the position, but is Bledsoe the QB of the future? Nope. Does he have more upside? Not really. Other than his relationship with Bill Parcells, which Vinny T could also boast, Bledsoe doesn't bring much to the table, except for an arm with a little less mileage on it. Maybe he makes some better decisions, as well, but I didn't see enough of his play last year to know for sure.

With a considerable number of good players falling prey to the salary cap, the Cowboys will have free agent options to pursue in the coming weeks. Hopefully they can shore up their needs at CB, WR and OL before April's draft. And by "shoring up," I mean improving at the position, not making a lateral move, as with Bledsoe. Otherwise, the Cowboys are staring another losing season in the face.


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