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Friday, January 14, 2005

Sports: NFL Divisional Playoffs 

I think I gave up on weekly NFL predictions somewhere around Thanksgiving. I just hadn't spent enough time watching the NFL to make decent picks. But I'm ready to start it back up now that the playoffs are getting interesting.

Are you ready for this? Call me a nut, because I'm prepared to pick ALL FOUR ROAD TEAMS TO WIN. I repeat, I'm going with the 'dogs in every playoff game. Why? read on...

St. Louis @ Atlanta: Doesn't it seem like the Rams play better with their backs against the wall? Sure, Mike Vick led the Falcons to that memorable road win at Lambeau two seasons ago, and the Rams choked one away to the Panthers last season, but for as good as Atlanta has looked this year, doesn't it seem like they've overachieved. St. Louis, on the hand, half-assed it through 17 weeks. I think the Rams will come in looking to prove something, and if they get the running game going, then who knows?
Rams 26, Falcons 20

Minnesota @ Philadelphia: Maybe I'm picking this because I pegged the Vikes as the NFC Super Bowl rep before the season started, or maybe I'm picking Minnesota because I want Randy Moss to moon those bastard fans in green. No matter, I'm going with the guys in purple. In Week Two I watched Minnesota piss down their legs in a loss to Philly. But the Eagles haven't played a meaningful game in weeks, and who knows how Philly will make up for the loss of Terrell Owens. Plus when in doubt, go with the team that has more of an "F the world" mindset.
Vikings 23, Eagles 20

Indianapolis @ New England: I know the drill... Peyton Manning can't win in the cold and/or in the playoffs. Well Barry Bonds was a postseason flop before launching eight HRs in the 2002 postseason. Great players show up eventually, and Manning gets to face a secondary ravaged by injury. These aren't the Pats of a year ago, and I don't think Indy will be intimidated.
Colts 24, Patriots 23

NY Jets @ Pittsburgh: Flat out... until such time as they hoist the Lombardi Trophy, I will maintain that the Steelers are a 10-6 team in a 15-1 team's body, which managed to catch every possibly break. The Jets aren't world-beaters, but they just have to play a smart game. If Curtis Martin's 31-year old legs have three hours left in them, then it's on to the AFC Championship Game.
Jets 20, Steelers 16


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