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Monday, January 03, 2005

Random: Enduring Memories of 2004 

The people, places and events I'll remember most, in no particular order:

The Rose Bowl- Yes, it was in 2005, but it was the 2004 season. Quite possibly the best football game I've ever seen.

Game Six, NLCS- Jeff Kent's blast ended a gem, and as long as I live, I'll never forget him holding his index finger up as he crossed the plate, yelling "one more win." Too bad the Stros never got it.

Election Day- From the early day jitters to the late afternoon gambling site scare to the elation when Fox prematurely called Ohio at 11:30, it was an altogether great night.

Ronald Reagan's death- A week long of mourining and rememberance that was unlike anything I had seen before. I think this marked the biggest swell of national pride since 9/11.

The Passion of the Christ- Was it the best movie of the year? I don't care. It was the most impactful film I've ever seen.

Barack Obama- I'm not sure that he's the savior that some Democrats think he is, but the man overshadowed Bill Clinton at the DNC and that's not easy to do.

Zell Miller- His RNC address might have been the most fiery speech since Teddy Roosevelt told folks to walk tall and carry a big stick.

Dead (Old) Media Walking- Tom Brokaw's gone, and Dan Rather is on the way out. Few watch network news anymore, and bloggers have become a de facto media watchdog.

Boston Red Sox- I think I speak for baseball fans everywhere when I say (a) congratulations, and (b) let the "curse" die, once and for all.

Summer Olympics- I was pleasantly surprised. Going into it I expected the worst Olympiad ever, but in reality Athens pulled it off, and gave us a games full of memories.

Southeast Asia Tsunami- As the death toll continues to climb, all I can think about is how horrifying it would be to watch helplessly as a mountain of water sped toward you. My prayers certainly go out to the hundreds of thousands of people affected by this tragedy.


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