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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Politics: Inauguration an Extravagance? 

Some friends and I had a discussion last night about the perceived extravagance involved with the Inauguration. They argued that it's unnecessary and pointless to make an even out of continuing the job as president.

I say, "screw that." We won, and now we get to gloat. I don't care about money or any of that. It's privately funded, for starters. Even if it wasn't, what's the difference in an Inauguration and any of the other state dinners and parties (and don't forget the glorified vacations, er, CoDels) that get thrown during the year, most of which are taxpayer-financed.

Extravagance didn't start with President Bush, and everytime I hear someone complain about the Inauguration I want to mail a check to cover a few more flower arrangements. For all of the crap this man has taken the past four years, he deserves a day like today.


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