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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Austin: The Trudy's Challenge 

Austinites will agree that out fair city holds a wealth of tasty Tex-Mex dining destinations. Trudy's probably doesn't rank in the upper echelon of such eateries, but what they lack in food quality, they more than make up for with the best Mexican Martinis on the planet.

Trudy's MexiMart is basically a margarita -- though a more potent version than you're likely to find most at places (not counting Baby Acapulco's legendary purple Everclear margs). Their perfect blend of tequila and whatever else they use makes even the most marginal food palatable. The only drawback? Trudy's will only serve you two of them.

In college my friends and I joked that someday we'd take the "Trudy's Tour," meaning we'd embark one evening on the quest to drink our fill of Mexican Martinis at each of the three Austin locations. It sounded like an exciting adventure in alcoholism, but it never came about.

Then we met some guys at a baseball game about three years ago, who not only accomplished the feat, but also documented it on their website with an array of photos that somewhat resembled the famous drunk Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash snapshots. I thought of those guys last week when talk of the Tour resurfaced for the first time in years, but alas -- their site is apparently no more. All that's left is this message:

This website has been taken offline at the advice of my lawyer. Do not attempt The Trudy's Challenge. In fact, don't even speak of The Trudy's Challenge. Indeed, you should leave this website immediately, and if you ever even so much as THINK about the Trudy's Challenge, run to church.

Thanks for the memories Trudy's!
Now I feel an obligation to make this happen. Anyone up for drunk-blogging?


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